Jack Tse

Enhancing Progressive Enhancement

March 05, 2012

Nicholas Zakas was at Yahoo headquarters in Sunnyvale today giving a presentation on the topic of progressive enhancement. His basic argument is that if you design and develop your web project to maintain a base level of acceptable quality, it allows you to progressively advance the features for those equipped.

He uses the metaphor of television to make his point. Over the airwaves, television signals come to your home no matter what device you have available. That might be a black and white kitchen portable, a CRT set in your bedroom and a modern LCD in your living room. You’ll get your over the air TV and be able to view it in an acceptable quality on all three device. We often make the mistake of thinking websites must appear identically on all web browsers when it really isn’t necessary.

Progressive Enhancement 2.0 by Nicholas Zakas via SlideShare »